ChattrBox is a next-generation social media platform designed specifically for the non-major Digital Creators and their Fans, Followers, Customers, etc. Our goal is to use digital Loyalty + Rewards, as well as a variety of uniquely crafted features to help Creators monetize and engage their audience in a more mutually beneficial way. 

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In ChattrBox, Digital Creators are Brands, Businesses, Companies, Organizations, Restaurants, Groups, Personalities, Individuals or any one or entity with something to share. 

And their "Audience" is literally whoever they want to or usually share it with - Members, Customers, Fans, Followers, Employees, etc.

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At the core of ChattrBox is a Twitter-like micro-content sharing platform that's powered by our revolutionary Digital Loyalty + Rewards system that is built around "Loyalty Coins".

Any Digital Creator can buy Loyalty Coins and add them to any content they share, essentially "boosting" the content (and bringing more attention to it) and offering their Followers (or others) coins in return for viewing and/or engaging with their content. 

And, what's so great about Loyalty Coins is they not only can be accumulated to redeem various Rewards and Cash, but each coin is also an instant chance to win cash and prizes via numerous random Daily Giveaways we offer. 

This makes the platform two-fold. A way to accumulate something in return for your loyalty and a chance to instantly win something much bigger - at any moment or any time.

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Our Founders and Team has been specializing in Rewards, Loyalty and high-end Solutions Technology for more than 15+ years and has created tech for small companies to globally known multi-billion dollar brands. To kick-off ChattrBox we've created a series of flagship features that our Clients and Network have signaled an interest in - from typical Digital Rewards + Redemption to smarter Giveaway features to our revolutionary Passphrase Challenges.

Finally, deep inside ChattrBox is a next-generation all-in-one bulk messaging and notifications platform that allows businesses, companies and organizations to reach thousands of users instantly - via Email, Private Inbox, SMS Text Message & "Rich" Push Notifications. We originally built it for one of the most famous, global, multi-billion dollar brands in the world and decided to take the parts that weren't proprietary and expand upon them to help all the small businesses, companies and brands (like us) who we felt never get access to this type of tech.

We invite you to join ChattrBox, explore and let us know your thoughts and what we can do, make or create to help you, your business, your passion or enhance what you're already doing. 

Our philosophy is to be the first community-driven Social Network that actually listens to our users and creates the features they tell us they need.


If you're interested in knowing more, having one of our team guide you through a live demo via Zoom or speaking with someone, please feel free to reach out at 312-857-3511 or hello@chattrboxx.com. We're a Chicago-based technology company with multiple ventures and happy to speak with you. View our About Us page if you'd like to learn more about us and our story.