Get paid and win stuff for doing all the same stuff you do every day anyway...


We basically created a super simple system where Brands, Businesses and Influencers can share stuff (the same way you share on other social media platforms) that has a built-in way for you to earn rewards for simply viewing it.

Of course, we built in a secure way of tracking and doing this, so that it’s fair to everyone.

How it works is simple - some of the Updates and Notifications you receive or see in your feed may have a random, 6-digit Loyalty Code (and Loyalty Clue) at the end...

You click on that and enter the Secret Answer (ie. Passphrase) to the Loyalty Clue and you earn ChattrBox Coins. That’s it.

You can then accumulate Coins and use them to redeem cash, prizes, products, gift cards or even to enter daily drawings where you can win larger cash and prizes.

If you’d like to speak to someone, we’d be more than happy to chat. We can also get you setup very quick and easily. Please feel free to email us at or call us at 312-857-3511 (Chicago Local).

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