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Now you can purchase ChattrBox Rewards Coins (in digital format) that you can then give away as unique, redeemable digital codes that are automatically embedded into your outgoing Messages & Notifications. Create a notification and try it (look for the Loyalty section)!

All you have to do is simply click a toggle switch and set the amount of coins you’d like to offer each user (in the Send Message section of your Console). Then our system automatically embeds each unique digital code into your Push Notifications.

Perfect for: Content, Alerts, Articles/Post, News, Announcements, Sales, Specials, Messages, Teasers, Drops, etc.


Users can click, enter & scan the unique digital loyalty codes to accumulate coins, which they can use to redeem items, cash or prizes - or use to enter into daily drawings (for larger prizes). Simple.

Our system generates unique digital codes + links with the digital code embedded, which are automatically embedded into your Push Notifications and content - making them super easy to click, “claim” and track.

And, of course users can manually enter them in our Redeem page too or scan unique QR Codes versions (that represent the unique code).

Our goal was to engineer the entire system to be so automatic and simple that it’s basically an after-thought for you!

If you’d like to speak to someone, we’d be more than happy to chat. We can also get you setup very quick and easily. Please feel free to email us at or call us at 312-857-3511 (Chicago Local).

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