ChattrBox Messaging

Λbout Us

ChattrBox is a first-of-its-kind micro-content update platform where Creators can share real-time status updates with their Followers that are incentivized by digital loyalty + rewards.

In addition, Followers can sign up for an optional $1.99/mo. Superfan Membership, which includes several exclusive perks, such as:

1. Superfans receive their rewards (fulfillment) and prizes immediately upon winning vs 1-2 weeks normal processing time.

2. Superfans will never see any ads or promoted content.

3. Superfans enjoy a 20% discount when they redeem rewards. So, if the cost (in Loyalty Coins) to redeem a reward is 1,000 Coins, then a Superfan could pay 800 coins to redeem the same item.

4. Superfans get 2Xs the automatic entries into ChattrBox’s Daily Giveaways where you can win cash and prizes.

Note: Each Loyalty Coin you earn per day automatically earns you 1 automatic entry into ChattrBox’s Daily Giveaways.

Monetization for Creators, Businesses, Smaller Brands, etc.

Creators who invite or refer a Follower will receive $1/mo. if their referred Follower(s) sign up for a ChattrBox Superfan Membership.

And, 100% of every Creator’s Followers will always see ALL of the status updates that Creator shares. Note: ChattrBox doesn’t supress the content and updates you share like most of the other Social Media platforms do.

If you’d like to speak with a member of our team, please feel free to reach out via Email at or call us at 312-857-3511 (Chicago Local).