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$ Loyalty Clues

ChattrBox features a cutting-edge, highly secure Loyalty + Rewards system that’s built around Clues + Secrets, which are used to reward users with ChattrBox Coins.


“Clues” can be a passphrase (ie. text), image, video, audio file, podcast, etc - with a hint telling you what “answer” to enter.

If you enter the correct secret (ie. answer) you earn ChattrBox Rewards Coins - simple!


1. The simplest example is the secret passphrase.

Secret Passphrase: Nike makes the best athletic gear

And you simply type that. You just have to get it 90% correct to earn coins - and our tech has a Phrase Accuracy detection feature that shows the percentage of how correct what you typed was to the Secret Passphrase.

2. The next example, we expect will be perhaps the most popular is the image clue.


Image clue can be sponsored by one of our partner companies - which, in this one, is AppWrapr.

A Sponsor, like AppWrapr (for example) might make their actual clue something like:

Enter the word in white letters. (Answer: AppWrapr) - Or,

What object is yellow in this image? (Answer: Jar of Lemonade, Beverage in a Jar, Drink, etc.)


And, then you can probably figure out the rest. A podcast clue might tell you to enter what phrase was mentioned at a certain point (or minute-mark) in the podcast. An audio clue might ask you what kind of audio it is - like music file, interview, spoken poem, etc. And, a video might ask you to describe or enter something that happened or appear at a specific point in the video.

The idea is to ensure that you truly saw or heard or understood what the Sponsor wanted you to see, hear or understand about their brand. And, in return you get ChattrBox Coins and sometimes even a chance to win larger, exclusive prizes (in the form of automatic drawings where each succesful passphrase entered also earns that user an entry).


ChattrBox Loyalty + Rewards System was designed to be a fun and engaging system for users - and a valuable and effective system for Sponsors - ensuring that users truly saw or “experienced”s their message - or whatever they were trying to promote.
Sponsors can choose how many ChattrBox Coins they want to offer for each successful passphrase entry, as well as if they want to offer an optional random prize drawing - and how many users/entries are required before a winner is randomly selected by our secure system.

ChattrBox Loyalty is perfect for promoting: Content, Articles/Posts, News, Products, Services - really anything.

If you’d like to speak to someone, we’d be more than happy to chat. We can also get you setup very quick and easily. Please feel free to email us at or call us at 312-857-3511 (Chicago Local).

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