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How much does it cost to create a Challenge?
- It’s free to create a challege

How much does it cost to join a Challenge?
- Whatever the entry fee is.

Who sets the entry fee?
- Whoever creates the Challenge



How do Challenges work?
- Simple. You provide a clue to give people (ie. Players) an indication of whether or not they might be able to “solve” your Challenge (ie. guess, know and enter the correct answer faster than everybody else).

Example Clue: How well do you know US Politics?

You then provide a Challenge (ie. Question) and an Answer (ie. secret PassPhrase) that only you’ll know and that will be buried deep inside our system (oh yeah, we’re about to encrypt answers with Enterprise-level 256-bit encryption in the next few days).

Example Challenge/Question: What is the full name of the President of the United States?

Example Answer (ie. Secret Passphrase): Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.


Creators of a Challenge earn up to 50% once a Challenge is over and has been solved.

Note: A Creator can choose to have less Players to make it much more likely and quicker that a Challenge goes live, but this also reduces the Challenge Prize Pot and the Player's 50% earnings.

So, for example, you could set a $100 Prize for a Challenge and lower the minimum amount of Players required (as suggested and set automatically in our system based on what you enter for a Prize Amount AND an Entry Fee). Whatever you lower it to could yield you just a 20% earnings payout for example. 


No money is required up front for posting a Challenge, however, we may one day limit the amount of Challenges people can post, eventually start charging a small fee to post a Challenge (to simply deter spammers)  and/or require a deposit if you want to give away Merchandise or a Product as your Challenge Prize (this ensures that a Creator follows through). Then, you'd receive your deposit back after you and the winner have demonstrated that the "physical" prize was in fact delivered and received.


Challeges can have up to 3 Winners: 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd place.

1st Place - Wins the Challenge Prize Amount (required)

2nd Place - Wins 50% of the Challenge Prize Amount (optional)

3rd Place - Wins 20% of the Challenge Prize Amount (optional)



How many people/players can join or participate in a Challenge?
- We are not really limiting it at the moment because there's a natural way it limits itself based on whether the person who created the Challenge actually wants it to ever go live or not.

But, the Creator of the Challenge can set the number of players, entry fee, minimum threshold of players they want before it goes live, etc.

What is a "Challenge Solve"?
- It's when a Challenge goes live and players receive/see the secret Challenge/Question and get 15 seconds to "solve" it (ie. enter the correct answer)

When does a "Challenge" go live?
- Once it reaches the target/goal amount of Players, the Creator will receive a notification and email and be able to set a Go-Live time. Then the Players will receive a Notification about that time. If they can make it then they don't have to do anything, but if they can't then they can click a button to "Leave" or "Withdraw" from the Challenge. There will probably be a fee added soon for Withdrawals and the VIP Players Membership will allow you to Withdraw an unlimited amount of times. 

What is the VIP Players Membership?
- Basically a $1.99 Membership that gives you a lot of helpful Benefits to make your life easier while using PassPhrase. We'll be listing the Benefits soon. But, the very first and biggest one is Instant/Immediate (ie. same-day) Payouts via Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, Apple Cash and Zelle. And, then of course Entry Fee Insurance, which lets you not only Withdraw if you can't make a Challenge's Go-Live time, but will also give you 50% to 100% of your Entry Fee back if a Challenge isn't solved. 



Got a question we didn't answer here? Shoot us an email or text and we'll be happy to answer it and with your approval put it here, so others know too! pp@chattrboxx.com or passphrase@chattrboxx.com or 312-857-3511