ChattrBox Concierge

We know how busy business owners, executives and entrepreneurs can be, so we created ChattrBox Concierge to take care of your bulk messaging needs - so you can focus on more important things. 

How it works is pretty simple - you simply send us your message (or notification) copy/text and any information about the list/group you'd like to send to and we'll take care of the rest


- We'll create the Message/Notification in your Dashboard Messaging Console
- Add the appropriate image or video,
- Then send you a draft for review on your phone (as a text), as a Rich Push Notification

Note: We can send live drafts of all our messaging types (Rich Push, SMS Text, Inbox & Email) to you and any others from your team for review before sending the live version.

Once you approve, we'll then either send it immediately or schedule it - then later verify it was sent (and send you a confirmation phone call, text or email). 


Our Concierge Service comes with a Dedicated Account Manager - and you'll also have backup Managers who are trained on your account.


If you'd like to discuss your needs or sign up, please contact us at 312-857-3511 or

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ie. How to get started using ChattrBox:

1. RECOMMENDED - Keep things like you have them - and just have people sign up on ChattrBox using your referral link or QR Code. This instantly links them to your account so you can bulk-message them.

2. RECOMMENDED - Keep things like you have them - and let a Dedicated Account Manager handle routinely importing your contacts and sending invites. Note: We have a cool feature that lets you see which Users /People have accepted your invite(s) and signed up. 

3. Keep things like you have them - and just routinely import your contacts into ChattrBox, which will trigger invites via SMS Text Message and Email (depending on the contact info you imported).

4. ChattrBox can create custom form(s) that you can place on or your own, existing website(s) that will instantly populate your various ChattrBox Messaging Groups/Lists when Users/People fill them out.