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Staying in touch with large groups of people is expensive and time-consuming these days. ChattrBox makes it easy to send one, single message that goes out instantly in 4 different ways (Push Notification, SMS Text Message, Private Inbox, Email) based on what your recipients opt-into.

ChattrBox comes with 2 options: ChattrBox Cloud (ie. and White-Label ChattrBox where we’ll give you you very own, fully-branded ChattrBox - which is like having your very own end-to-end encrypted, closed-loop WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook Messenger - all rolled up into one (you get 2 Mobile Apps for iOS and Google Play + an Online Website version).

Best of all, since ChattrBox is fully self-contained that means the only “true” cost is customer support/service + server resources - making it 100Xs less expensive than every other alternative.

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ChattrBox works for any size group - from 5 people to 25,000 people (or even more).

1. Push Rich Push Notification - Try Live Demo
2. Private Inbox
3. SMS Text Message - Try Live Demo
4. Email

And, just in case your recipients still somehow miss your message (or notification), you can instantly publish it to the follower-based, real-time Live Notifications Feed, where your followers will always be able to see it. View Notifications Feed


Here’s how you create a bulk-message (or notification) using our real-time Create Message tool - in less than 2 minutes:

And, here’s a “Rich” Push Notification in 13 seconds):

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If you’d like to speak to one or more members from our team or would like a tour and demo of the ChattrBox Platform and Services, please feel free to email us at or call us at 312-857-3511 (Chicago Local).

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