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Pre-Launch: We’re currently in a ramp up phase and will go live with live downloads, automated installs & scheduled installs once we reach 1,000 Members/Partners. Note: Install Schedules + RSVPs will be based on the order of original signups + plans - with Annual Plans as the highest priority. Learn more »

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Superfan Membership
Annual (one-time payment for 1 yr)
Amount: $14.99

Paypal is currently our primary payment processor because we have a Micro-payments approved account, which allows ChattrBox to offer services and Rewards Loads as little as $1 and pay a much lower transaction fee than all other standard processors.

If you’d like to pay via another method such as Paypal, Venmo, Square, Cash App, Digital/Physical Invoice, Check, etc. please contact us at payments@chattrboxx.com

Note: a 5% fee will be charged to all direct purchases (except for Venmo and Zelle).

The nature of all the services we offer are deeply integrated into the ChattrBox User experience, so that a variety of resources are expended almost immediately once you make a purchase. As such, we do not offer refunds at this time. Note: We’ve created pay-as-you-go options to accommodate customers who would like to try the service without a large committment.

The use of the term shares anywhere through chattrboxx.com does not reflect a financial instrument, but merely a representation of a member share (or reserved share), which simply indicates the percentage of monthly profits a Founding Partner is entitled to and the percentage of equity or shares a member is entitled to when we formalize our official offering.
ChattrBox is PCI-Compliant & uses SSL to protect your payment method(s).

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